I started the project “A Plank for the Koala” in January 2020 after seeing the terrible effects of drought and fires in Australia.

The estimated lost of 1.2 billions of animals hit me so hard I couldn’t stop thinking of this destruction.
I needed to do something. So I started giving pilates classes (called Koalates) in gyms and studios to raise money for the koala-care organizations and koala hospitals.
The awesome illustrator Marie Capriata donated a beautiful drawing of a koala, and we started printing it on t-shirts and hoodies to raise more donations. 
I had planned a tour through Italy to raise more funds when the pandemic and lockdown came. 
I didn’t give up, and I started organizing online classes to pursue the project.
This ended up in being a great opportunity to involve people from all over the world, braking space barriers an joining together to help save this australian icon.
I am now supporting organizations that focus on habitat protection and development, as well as koala care.
They collaborate with each other and I love the fact that there is a net of collaborations for a common goal: save koalas from extinction and avoid the destruction of the beautiful australian forests.