Five tips to not waste time and get straight to the point.

  1. Choose an activity that you really like. It may seem obvious, but faced with a very wide offer it is easy to get lost. Don’t choose based on what you’ve heard, but try yourself. Which activity or course makes you passionate? Which one will bring you closer to your goals? Which one will help you fight those pains that you carried around all winter?
  2. Whether you decide to train in a gym, in a studio or outdoors, it must be a place you like and gives you positive feelings. Do not choose it only based on price or availability. Training in a well-kept, clean and comfortable environment is part of the wellness package in which you are investing.
  3. Whether it’s personal training or group sessions, be guided by a qualified and competent trainer. This may be more important than the course you choose. Each discipline has technical aspects that you will have to master to obtain results and prevent injuries. Choose a trainer who knows how to explain them well and make you passionate.
  4. Define your goals. Don’t be dissatisfied. Prohibited to say: “I suck!”. Set concrete goals. Think about something you want to be able to do when you are more trained, and that you will see as a reward. (Everything is worth, from a swim trip, to a climb, to a Sunday bike ride with the kids, to a motorbike ride without having back pain).
  5. Make a fixed appointment and don’t jump once! Constancy and commitment are fundamental. Be consistent. If you start skipping appointments you will quickly lose motivation. In addition, a discontinuous training predisposes more easily to injuries because you get poorly prepared. If it is once, two or three times a week … everything is fine as long as you don’t skip sessions.
  6. Reward yourself.  After all the effort that has cost you to come back to train, overcome your resistance, find time and strength … enjoy the results! Buy yourself a new dress. Buy yourself that bicycle you’ve always dreamed of (or take yours out of the garage and fix it!). Take a day for that trip out of town that you wanted to do for a long time but you didn’t dare with that back pain. Go dancing. Put your skis back on. Enjoy it!